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Cleansweep WA Pty Ltd is one of the largest street sweeping services in Perth, Western Australia. Cleansweep WA can provide sweeping services to property developers, municipal-councils, universities, government departments, and warehouse businesses.

Cleansweep have recently gone green and implemented a number of environmentally sustainable initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint. This includes the installation of solar panel arrays to offset our power usage and battery charging requirements, while also introducing a range of electric street sweepers which compliment our solar systems whilst also providing a much quieter sweeping service for use in inner-city and built-up residential areas at night. We have also installed energy-efficient LED lighting and natural light panels in our workshops to reduce energy requirements and related emissions.

Our Advantages

Full time OH&S trainer

Fully maintained fleet with service records

Fully certified workshop and wash bay

Operators trained and Licensed

All waste disposed at certified sites

Our Specialities

Municiple Sweeping

Construction Site Cleaning / Sweeping

Profiling & Road Sweeping

Road Works and Asphalt Work

Road Maintenance / Night Works

Car Parks & Multi Decks

Foot Paths / Cycle Paths

Government Contracts


Road Spills / Emergency

Profiling & Road Sweeping

Subdivisions / New Housing Estates

Professional Cleaning Services

Cleansweep WA Pty Ltd is the largest mechanical road sweeping business in Perth WA.

Cleansweep WA started in 1993 as a young company. Our company is offering 24 hours, 7 days a week service. We’ve earned a reputation for exceptional service based on our ability to respond quickly to customers’ needs, provide resources, and ensure that the project is completed.

Our team of highly trained operators and a fully equipped mechanical workshop to ensure all trucks are properly maintained.

At Cleansweep WA we use a satellite tracking system for our street sweeping vehicles and footpath sweepers. This allows us to locate the nearest vehicle and respond promptly to customers’ needs, when required. We can provide full date, sweeping speed, brooms down and  pin point mapping.

Perth’s number one Road Sweeping service provider, we guarantee the best service at the lowest possible price.