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Sweeper or Scrubber Machine: Which One Is the Best Machine for You?

Commercial scrubbers and sweepers can handle any cleaning job, big or small.


Although industrial scrubbers and sweepers in Perth can be used to make light work of certain difficult cleaning tasks, it is worth researching which one is best for your job.

In short, a sweeper is a tool that you would use to clean a surface. A scrubber is needed if you would use a mop, scrubbing brush, or a broom.

You will often need both. You will need to sweep the floor before you scrub. Otherwise, the dirt will be spread across the surface. It can scratch floors, particularly polished concrete, and tiles.


Do I Need a Sweeper, Scrubber, or a Combination of Both?


Many of our customers who come to us for the first time are aware that they require a new cleaning product. They aren’t certain which type of machine would be most beneficial to them. Luckily, Cleansweep WA is Perth sweeping experts who are available to assist you.

We are known for supplying high-quality industrial cleaners. Local facilities managers often turn to us when in need. Many clients have trusted us to help them choose the right industrial scrubber, scrubber, or combination thereof. We thought it would be helpful to share some of our knowledge in this article so you can decide which cleaning machine is right for you to maintain your warehouse floor.


How Sweepers Work


Perth sweepers use side brooms to move dirt and other rubbish into the path of another broom, which sweeps it into an enclosed area. A vacuum also captures fine particles, making the process virtually dust-free.

Wherever heavier and more dense debris is collected, industrial space sweepers can be used in factories, schools, and car parks.


All You Need to Know About Scrubbers


Many scrubbers spray liquid on the surface. A scrubber breaks down the dirt, and a vacuum and squeegee combine to capture the fluid and dirt.

Hire scrubbers can be hired with either cylindrical or disc brushes depending on the type of floor you are cleaning.

Disc brushes work better on smooth surfaces like finished concrete or non-contoured vinyl. They are designed to follow the floor and apply constant downward pressure. To buff the surface, you can use different disc brushes and pads.

A scrubber with cylindrical brushes is required for rough or contoured surfaces such as vinyl, tiles, terrazzo, studded rubber, or vinyl. The lightweight floor scrubber/cleaner has retractable rollers and easy-to-remove bristles to fit contoured surfaces.

A scrubber with cylindrical brushes will not apply constant contact to a surface and can therefore not be used for buffing.


Ride On vs. Walk Behind


Both scrubbers and sweepers in Perth can use ride-on units to clean large areas. A ride-on sweeper is capable of cleaning almost 10,000 square metres in one hour. The largest ride-on scrubber can cover over a metre and can travel at 12 km/h.

For smaller areas, such as tight corners or obstructions, walk-behind scrubbers and sweepers are ideal.

These battery-operated scrubbers can be used to clean most surfaces, including factory floors and car parks. These popular machines can clean almost 4,000 sq m per hour and are self-propelled at speeds of up to 5 km/h.

Take the time to evaluate the space to be cleaned. Note any special requirements you may have about how the space should be cleaned.


The Right Machine for Your Job


When choosing the right machine for your job, there are many things to consider. While you may have additional needs that will influence your purchasing decision, the areas we’ve listed are those that most people use as a guide when choosing a floor cleaner.


Scrub or Sweep? 


This should be your first consideration when you are choosing your cleaner. Look at the items being cleaned. A sweeper is the best option if you must deal with heavy, bulky, or wet debris. A scrubber is the best tool to remove fine dust and dirt, such as those brought in by foot traffic, grease, or floor marks.


Size of Area to Be Cleaned 


Consider the area that will be cleaned. Larger areas are more efficient and cost-effective to clean with a ride-on, while smaller areas might be easier with a walk-behind.


Cleaning Path Size


Determine the area where the machine must pass for cleaning or dumping.


Floor Surface Type


You can choose which type of scrubber or sweeper to use. Consider the floor surface and dirt to be removed. Do you mostly deal with fine dust? A nylon or polyester brush is the best choice. A wire-reinforced broom may be needed for heavier soil and debris. A squeegee that contains at least 95% natural rubber blade can be used to address soil problems. It is ideal for rough or uneven floors, while a gum rubber squeegee works better on smoother surfaces.


Machine Cost Vs. Labor Rate 


Most facilities will see a rapid return on their investment when using mechanised cleaning equipment. This guideline can help you choose the right machine for your facility, and factor it into your cleaning budget.




All equipment needs to be maintained to function efficiently and effectively. This should be considered when deciding. To ensure that the equipment is in top condition, it is best to have one person, or a team of people, take care of maintenance and repairs. This will allow you to quickly identify and fix any problems.


The Best of Both Worlds


Our compact scrubber is ideal for smaller jobs. It scrubs, scrubs, and dries all in one pass. It’s lightweight and portable and can be charged quickly. This makes it ideal for cleaning restaurants, cafes, and fast-food outlets, as well as hotels.

Large ride-on scrubber sweepers (diesel or LPG) can be used for larger jobs that require good access. They are ideal for cleaning factory floors, car parks, and other building areas. The unit can clean up to the edge thanks to a side brush. There are no stoppages due to the 110-litre trash hopper and 276-litre recovery tanks. These models can clean more than 8,000 square metres in one hour, moving at over 12km/h.


We Have a Large Selection of Sweepers and Scrubbers.


The sweeping company, Cleansweep WA, has a variety of scrubbers and sweepers in stock. These include both walk-behind and ride-on models. We also offer combination models, which are the best in terms of convenience and efficiency. These Perth sweeper-scrubbers can quickly clean up messy areas, such as dusting and removing grime.

There are many sizes available. The size of your facility, as well as how often you need to clean it, will determine the best size. Contact us if you have any questions about the size of your facility or whether you require a sweeper, scrubber, or a combination.

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