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Sustainable Event Cleaning and Waste Management

Waste management is an important part of any event.  


It comes from activities such as construction, promotional materials, and food and drinks. 

Your event can be organised to reduce waste by thinking about the things you buy and where they will go. 

Collaborate with event partners and stallholders to reduce waste before, throughout, and after your event. 


Hire Professionals  


Hosting an event is a daunting task. There is a lot of work involved, from the entertainment plan to the catering. However, it is important to not neglect the responsibility of cleaning up after an event. Don’t worry, as Perth Road sweeping experts, we specialise in event clean-up and waste management and are here to help. 

It’s becoming increasingly clear that festivals and events have an environmental impact. Therefore, it is important to ensure that clean-up and waste management are done in an environmentally friendly manner. Here are a few reasons why you should hire professionals, like us at Specialized Sweeping, to get the job done. 


Receive High-Quality Service 


Cleansweep WA event cleaners are professional, trustworthy and will provide high-quality services. Our Perth event cleaning experts are skilled and have the knowledge to clean up your event quickly, efficiently, and correctly. You can also choose from a variety of services. You don’t have to worry about cleaning, organising, mishaps, or proper waste diversion. These are all issues that you can avoid if your event is handled by us. 


Perth event cleaning services are cost-effective. 


It is also cost-effective to hire professional event cleaners in Perth. Even though you may pay a small fee for event cleaning services, our team is trained to clean up the mess quickly and efficiently. They can complete the job in half the time.  


Maintain a green image 


It is important that your company presents an environmentally friendly image. This is because the environment has become a pressing concern for the public as well as your attendees. It will help others see the environmental values of the company and will increase attendance at your event. This is because environmentalists may be more likely to be interested in supporting sustainable events.  


Do not worry about equipment and supplies. 


Event clean-up can require you to have equipment and supplies you don’t already own, depending on the event. Event cleaning companies invest more in equipment and supplies to make the event run smoothly. This is better than the alternative, which could leave you with a messy mess that you don’t have the resources or time to clean up. 


Protect the environment! 


Finally, hiring professional event cleaners is better for the environment. Festivals and events can produce a lot of waste and consume a lot of energy. They also often lack any waste diversion strategies or sustainability initiatives. Events that are focused on sustainability include proper cleaning and waste management. They also help reduce the event’s carbon footprint by offsetting its impact. They will make sure that your event is as eco-friendly as possible. 


Waste Reduction 


The collection of waste is a significant problem in any event clean-up effort. It can be more difficult if you try to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. 

It is difficult to sort waste efficiently and keep large quantities out of local landfills with the help of dumpsters or general-purpose bins. Although recycling is one option, much of the waste generated at events like paper and cardboard can be recycled or made into compost. Collecting aluminium and glass containers has many benefits. 

Event organisers should make it easy for attendees to clean up after events. This makes sustainable event cleaning more profitable.  

To provide attendees with an option for disposing of their waste responsibly and thoughtfully, clearly branded bins will be placed throughout the event area. 

Large crowds of people can produce an alarming amount of glass and plastic waste. We all need to work together to reduce this volume. 

It is important to involve everyone in the event clean-up process. This begins the moment waste is generated. This approach to event cleaning reduces the workload of the crew and provides benefits for the community and the environment. 


Top 5 Tips 


  1. Provide organic waste collection and recycling bins. 
  2. Single-use waste should be avoided as much as possible. If you can’t reuse it, refuse it: 
  • Straws 
  • Plastic water bottles 
  • Packaging, plastic bags and cutlery 
  • You must ensure that any giveaways or merchandise you have purchased will not be taken home after the event. 
  1. Reward customers who bring in reusable cups, bags, or bottles. You can get discounts or enter competitions via social media. 
  2. For single-use items, increase the cost of reusable items by adding an extra charge. To encourage the use of reusable items, add 50 cents to coffees and alcoholic drinks in take-out cups. 
  3. Partner with an organisation that takes leftover food and distributes it to the needy, or compost or send your food waste to a farm. 


It is also possible to: 

  1. Recycled material is recyclable, reusable, and guaranteed to last. 
  2. Avoid packaging that is too heavy or purchasing bulk items (e.g., swap single-serve products for loose or bulk packages). 
  3. You can purchase products that are certified by the Council, Fair Trade, or carbon neutral. 
  4. Encourage sharing of goods and services (hiring, leasing) instead of purchasing. 
  5. Give staff reusable bottles or ask them for their own. You can also sell or provide cups and bottles to attendees to use at your event. 
  6. Ask caterers for alternatives to single-use waste products and excessive packaging. 


Reduce your Landfill 


The largest problem is the huge amount of rubbish going to landfill. This is what you should cut down on and avoid. 

Start by: 

  • Picking the right venue and caterers for your event. 
  • Attendees and exhibitors can be provided with signs, monitors, and waste stations to assist them in sorting their waste. 
  • Make use of and enhance donation programs, particularly for food or exhibitor materials. 


Sustainable Event Cleaning Services 


As a trusted road sweeping service, Cleansweep WA can clean anything, from large outdoor festivals to intimate indoor events. All the infrastructure is provided to help with the cleaning. No matter your budget, we can provide a sustainable solution. 

Specialised Sweeping, Perth’s go-to road sweeping service, is available to assist you with all your event waste management needs. We can help you with bin rental and other essentials so that your event is waste-free. Contact us today! 

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